Welcome to the Richard Wagner Society of Atlanta, the epicenter of Wagnerian passion and dedication in the Southeast. As a newly founded organization, our mission is to not only align with the goals of the Richard Wagner Society International but to also bring the magic of Wagner to the heart of Atlanta. Our goals, rooted in the principles of the international society, are designed to enrich the cultural landscape of our vibrant city.

a) Arouse Interest and Deepen Understanding: In the bustling cultural hub of Atlanta, we endeavor to spark interest and deepen understanding of Richard Wagner’s work. Through a series of introductory concert lectures, we aim to captivate both seasoned opera enthusiasts and newcomers, fostering a love for Wagnerian opera.

b) Promote the Next Generation of Artists: Atlanta, a city known for its thriving arts scene, provides an ideal backdrop for nurturing emerging talent. We are committed to offering scholarships to young artists in Atlanta and the surrounding region, contributing to the city’s artistic legacy and supporting the growth of the next generation of performers.

c) Support the Richard Wagner Scholarship Foundation: In keeping with the visionary spirit of Richard Wagner, we actively support the Richard Wagner Scholarship Foundation. Our contributions directly impact individuals in Atlanta who aspire to advance their knowledge and skills within the realm of Wagnerian arts.

d) Preserve the Bayreuth Festival: Even in the heart of the South, we recognize the global significance of preserving the Bayreuth Festival. By supporting initiatives that ensure the festival’s continuity, we play a vital role in maintaining the essence of this iconic event for future generations in Atlanta and beyond.

e) Promote International Cooperation: Atlanta’s diverse and inclusive spirit extends beyond its borders. We are enthusiastic about establishing strong ties with the Richard Wagner Society International and its members worldwide. Through this network, we aim to foster international cooperation, exchange ideas, and contribute to a global community of Wagner enthusiasts centered around our beloved city.

To enhance our outreach and connect with the diverse fabric of Atlanta, we are thrilled to introduce „Meet Wagner,“ a podcast that brings the enchanting world of Wagner to the ears of our local community. This dynamic medium will serve as a bridge, connecting new audiences with the passion and beauty of Wagnerian opera right from the heart of Atlanta.

Join us as we make Atlanta the focal point of Wagnerian excellence, celebrating, educating, and cultivating a lasting legacy for Richard Wagner in our dynamic and culturally rich city.